A bit of back story…

Born and raised in the countryside in England and moved to Brighton on the south coast where I attended BHASVIC (college) to study Fine Art and Media. Started working for a magazine called South Downs Living and got my first real taste of design, mainly in layout and advertising. I decided I wanted to increase my skillset so went on to study Graphic Design at Northbrook (University) in Sussex where I achieved a Merit.

From there I went straight into working at a print management company that had a bit of design on the side. This, over the next couple of years blossomed into a successful and well respected agency offering branding, all types of print design, signage, web design and build, marketing, SEO, social media management and print management to name a few. There was always a healthy flow of new and returning, small and larger clients so I had to learn pretty quickly how to project manage and work to tight deadlines. After a series of promotions all the way up to studio manager and fulfilling that role for a number of years, everything seemed to point towards expanding my horizons and moving over here to beautiful Vancouver, BC and I haven’t looked back since.

So far, I’ve only got amazing things to say about the places and people of Vancouver with some amazing experiences and this has given me a new lease of life and inspiration when it comes to my design so if you’ve got a potential project bumbling around in your brain, why not drop me a line and see if we can’t work together to turn it into a reality!


I don’t just do design!..

As much as I love my design, I also get easily distracted by other creative and outdoor shenanigans. I love a bit of photography or film making and have just started to dabble in music production and calligraphy. Outdoor time is mainly reserved for the summer as I’m a bit rubbish and being in the cold but the plan is, now I’m living in Vancouver, to get up on those mountains and see if I can’t entertain people with my learning to snowboard, having been an avid skateboarder when I was a yoot’.

I am also currently writing and illustrating a children’s book called ‘Maril the GiBarrel‘. It’s a bit of a pet project on the subject of mental health, mainly to normalise it among younger people, which is one that is close to my and my families heart. It’s in the early stages at the moment, but has some interest from publishers and I love working on it when I get a bit of free time.



I pride myself on being positive, polite and easy to work and get along with. Life’s too short for negativity or saying no to things so I always try to say YES to as many things as humanly possible without causing myself any long term physical or mental damage. Most of the time this works.